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Founded Chapter One
Chapter One
I lie down on my bed and scream into my pillow. I roll over and face the ceiling, closing my eyes. I felt a presence at my door. No, I shut my door, I need to relax and calm down before I break-down and cry.
“Are you okay, mommy?” I heard a soft, sweet voice ask.
Shit, my door wasn’t shut and one of the kids heard. Perfect. I sat up and opened my eyes quickly. What to tell her, what to tell her. I smiled softly at my oldest child, but my forced expression wasn’t fooling her. She came over to me and cocked an eyebrow, folding her arms. I sighed; she’s such a smart girl.
“Don’t worry about me,” I said for the millionth time in my life. I didn’t think it right to lie to my own daughter, but one day she will forgive me and understand. Even at 15, she’s too young to understand now.
I dismissed her with but a look and she nodded at me and walked out of the room. She closed the door behind her and there I was, in my room
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What Is This?  (pic) by Veronica1600 What Is This? (pic) :iconveronica1600:Veronica1600 1 0
What Is This?
What Is This?
it’s Laughing together at the same thing.
it’s the feeling you get when you hear his voice.
it’s the sound Of his heartbeat when he holds you.
it’s the rush you get when he kisses you.
it’s being able to always belieVe and trust him.
it’s having fun with him no matter what.
it’s truly wanting to be with only him forevEr.
it’s the most unexplainable of emotions.
it’s love.
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Pac-Man by Veronica1600 Pac-Man :iconveronica1600:Veronica1600 0 0
Founded (Prologue)
“Come and meet him,” she had said. That’s all she had said too. What could I have done as she pulled my arm over towards the, not surprisingly, group of taller-than-me guys. Those rocker types that play guitar and sit in the corner. Those were the exact type of people I was trying to keep myself away from. This year I had promised myself I would do well in school, I would be a good girl. Getting involved with them would be ridiculously stupid. That’s when I saw just how cute he was.
“Hi,” I said in a small voice. ‘Try and act cool, try and act cool,’ I pleaded with myself, but somehow it just didn’t work.
“Hi,” he greeted me with a dreamy smile. ‘Crap, I’m melting. This is so not cool.’
“Well, you two have fun,” Mindy smiled, leaving us after doing nothing but introducing
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Daffy Duck by Veronica1600 Daffy Duck :iconveronica1600:Veronica1600 2 0 We Wear The Mask by Veronica1600 We Wear The Mask :iconveronica1600:Veronica1600 3 0
Because I don't have the courage to fly
Because I don't have the courage to tell you how I feel
Because I don't have the courage to chase after you
I must be a stupid bitch
Because I can't live without your smile
Because I can't live in my life
Because I can't live with you by my side
I must be a stupid loser
Because I just do not understand
Because I just do not feel anymore
Because I just do not want to live
I must be a stupid emo
For I don't have the courage,
And I can't live,
And I just do not
Know how to not be stupid
I must be nothing
:iconveronica1600:Veronica1600 1 5
Pretty Patties. Pretty Patties. by Veronica1600 Pretty Patties. Pretty Patties. :iconveronica1600:Veronica1600 1 10 Chaunsey by Veronica1600 Chaunsey :iconveronica1600:Veronica1600 0 6
High Tide Five
High Tide
Chapter Five
Kate awoke early in the morning after but an hour of sleep. She fixed herself up and slowly entered the hallway. She looked to her left, down to the opening onto the deck and decided to walk out. Captain Kipp stood at the helm. Kate looked around at the empty deck before making her way up to where the Captain stood. He didn't even bother to look at her as she positioned herself on the railing in front of him. She sat slightly to his right, making sure he could still see out onto the deck well enough.
"You're up early, matey," he commented, still not moving his eyes from their forward position.
"Very funny, Captain," she sighed, replying without her usual smile.
"I heard around, from Derek, that Zeke is aware," he clarified, looking over at Kate for just a split second, "Aye?"
"I did tell him," Kate nodded, "Only for it is his right to know."
"Agreed," Brandon nodded slightly, obviously in deep thought. Kate turned her head, staring out at the sea to her left.
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Fishy fishy fishy,
Little-biddy fishy,
Covered in the black and gray.
Can you see the light of day?
Planes that fly,
They lead to death.
Swim swim swim fishy,
Get far away,
Under the rocks in the bay.
The red ones are coming
And it's time to fly,
Litte-biddy fishy, bye bye bye.
Do you hear the fishy cry?
Fishy fishy fishy,
Nothing but the black and gray.
Numbered markings,
They line your pretty scales.
How to leave,
How to escape?
Fishy fishy who can't swim,
Nothing's left for you to live.
Faith and hope are all, dear fishy,
That is here with you today.
Pretty pretty little fishy.
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Tres Interesting 2
Très Interesting
Chapter Two
I finally got home and set my stuff down with a huff, wondering how Nadia was doing at the DMV. Why they had to see her about the car now made no sense what-so-ever. I shrugged to myself and continued into my office and turned on my laptop.
I looked out the window at around 10:00, after I had already eaten dinner. Didn't the DMV already close? I closed the blinds, figuring that she was probably sent running around town about a stupid and insignificantly annoying problem. I showered, brushed my teeth and got into bed. It doesn't matter, she should be home soon anyways. I shut my eyes and let sleep overtake me.
I awakened to my alarm and shut it off, groaning as I did. I hate mornings. I sat up in bed and blinked my eyes a few times. I looked around the room, puzzled. Not good. I jumped out of bed and looked in the bathroom. No. I looked all around the apartment and then out the window. Her car was here. Where was Nadia-Alana? I began to hyperventilate a
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Tres Interesting
Très Interesting
Chapter One
We entered the building where we both worked, still arm in arm. Nadia-Alana tucked her short, blond hair behind her ear as we parted ways. I stepped into the room I see every day and smiled. I set down my bag as Sabrina walked over to me.
"Do you have an appointment for 1 o'clock?" she asked me, looking down at her list of appointments for the current day.
"Err," I looked over at my schedule, "No I don't," I responded.
"Would you mind, then, taking Amanda? I have to go help my grandmother and…"
I put up my hand, "Say no more. Oui, I'll take her," I smiled. I wrote down the customer as Sabrina thanked me and walked away. Life in cosmetology.
I smiled as I awaited for my first customer, thinking about the wedding. I couldn't even believe that when I came here I never had any intention of staying. To even believe I fell in love and obtained friends. Several extremely close friends. I watched my first customer come in, Regina here for her monthly hair
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High Tide chapter four
High Tide
Chapter Four
Kate went up onto the main deck and spotted Jade leaning on the side of the boat. She did the same thing, pretending she just wished to look at the water glisten. She wished for Jade to say hi, if not she would just have to start talking herself.  
"So," Kate began, "Ye seem to be not yourself today?"
Jade looked over at her and sighed, "I wasn't aware you knew how to read people."
"Is it Zeke?" Kate cocked her head sideways and stared lightly at Jade, "You two appear close, no?"
"No," Jade shook her head confidently, making Kate rethink her idea, "This idea of West Africa just makes me feel eerie."
"Aye," I nodded, "If only I knew what lies in West Africa that the Captain must rush off to so quickly."
"A secret lover?" Jade said seriously, before beginning to laugh.
Kate laughed at the comment too, knowing it wasn't true, "I just hope," Kate replied when she stopped laughing, "That it is nothing too shady."
Jade nodded, looking inward onto the deck. Ka
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High Tide chapter three
High Tide
Chapter Three
"Shall be but an hour….Captain?" Zeke looked over at Brandon, back again at the chess board.
"Aye, have the mutineers being shuffled on board and are on deck?" Brandon asked, studying the board and knowing he needed to leave the room.
"Aye. And I wish to ask a question of you my dear friend," Zeke replied, sitting himself next to Captain Kipp. He turned, in response, to look at Zeke, wondering what could be troubling him. Zeke continued, "Jade mentioned to me that there's talk around the cabin. Someone is with Kate."
The Captain looked on bluntly, masking his secret well, "And Derek?"
"Aye him too. If Derek says it, i t'is true. For he does not deal with the idle chat of the cabin," Zeke stared at Brandon with desperation.
"I know how much she means to you," Brandon sighed, "Go to her. It is her you should being talking to. Be upfront." The Captain patted his friend on the shoulder and stood up, leaving to go up on the deck.
Zeke mustered up the courage and
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